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Sipho Gumbo, the Founder of Munhu Inc, was born and raised in Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe. Sipho grew up in a family where helping others was a family value, and she has several adopted siblings. She lost her parents when she was a teenager, and her passion for helping orphaned children stems from her understanding of the effects of losing one’s parents at a young age.

Sipho attended rural schools like most of the students supported by Munhu. In her case, she was fortunate to have older siblings who helped with her education, and she strongly believes that an education can change anyone’s life. It is this belief that led her to found Munhu in 2004, starting by offering financial support for the education of 15 orphans in primary school. Under her leadership, Munhu has grown and expanded to supporting over 3000 students over the past 10 years, with some of its students completing university degrees. Sipho’s efforts have also led to a significant increase of the number of donors, volunteers, supporters, and partnerships instrumental in the success of its programs. Among these is the partnership with the First United Methodist of Richardson, an organization that has been supporting 250 of Munhu’s students.

Sipho has seen her vision of helping one child at a time come to life and it is her hope that the opportunity that the Munhu students are receiving will forever change their lives for the better. She has also assembled a team of volunteers who share her value of helping others. Munhu is run by an all-volunteer staff, with all administrative costs paid from the minimum $500-annual fee each board member is required to contribute. As a result, 100% of all proceeds from donations and grants go to helping the intended beneficiaries.



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