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We believe that every child deserves an education … so help us to make this dream a reality for children in Zimbabwe. 

Is Munhu a school that you support in Africa?

Munhu supports 32 primary schools and 24 secondary schools in Zimbabwe. We have orphans and vulnerable children from various schools around the country that we support by paying tuition, providing school uniforms and school supplies.

How do you choose the students that you support?

We work with headmasters(principals) and parent organizations to identify students who are no longer coming to school or are about to drop out of school and are orphans due to lack of funds. We then get a list and start supporting the students.

How do you make sure that the tuition you send is paid?

We work with a financial officer who pays the tuition directly into the school account and we then get receipts from the bank deposits as well as from the headmasters acknowledging the payments.

How do you make sure the students are still in school?

Each district has a volunteer coordinator who checks in with the headmaster and the village leaders on the progress of the students. The coordinator is the liaison between Munhu and the students. Annually a member of the board visits at least one of the schools to check on progress.

Can I sponsor one child and how will I be updated on the child’s progress?

We encourage people to sponsor a student. The updates are arranged between the students and sponsor via letter writing. The letters take a bit of time since our students are in very remote parts of the country, but they eventually get to the sponsor. Other donors have chosen to support a group of students from one school.

How do identify and select the people whom you give microloans?

Our micro loans are targeted to guardians, and villagers from which are students live. The group writes a project proposal outlining their business and how they plan to market their business. Munhu analyzes the proposal and give suggestions if needed and give the loan if merited and the group signs the agreement to repay the funds.

Is there an interest on these loans if so where do the funds generated go?

We do not charge any interest on these micro loans. The returned funds are used to sponsor new projects in other villages.

Is Munhu a registered organization and do I get a tax deduction for my donation?

Munhu Inc. is a registered 501©3 organizations and your donation is tax deductible.

Where do you get your funding?

Munhu Inc. is supported by individuals like you who donate any amount to support the work. As little as a $10 donation can keep a child in school for 4 months and a $100 can support an elementary school student for a year. We also get support from foundations, corporations and churches.

How long has been Munhu Inc. working with these children?

Munhu Inc. was founded in 2004.

How much of the donation actually goes to support the students?

Our donors support goes 100% to support our students. Our board members are required to contribute $500.00 for administrative costs and board members and volunteers provide their time and services to cover the administrative costs.


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